The Amirali Ghasemi team has created this website way back in 2004 for a lot of reasons. First of all, many people love the arts, designing, and so many things we can find aesthetic in this world. This is why many people find that art is something they want to pursue. The people who created this website love art as well and through Amirali Ghasaemi, they found inspiration and motivation to do something for those who love art just as much as they love it. For years, the website only served as a platform for the designer, he posts photos of his creations to share it with other people and for them tosupport him. But as time passed by, they started thinking about new things they can do and create.

After years of planning and thinking of something new, they managed to have new ideas. The team then thought about letting other people from different countries and places share their own work and express their ideas to others. It was a great opportunity for the aspiring artists and designers out there who want to find a place where they could show their potentials and talents in arts and designing. Everyone in the team agreed to do it so they made it happen.

Thankfully, many people found it interesting and very helpful not just to those who wanted to share their creations with the public but to those who are trying to find motivation for their works as well. The group received great feedback and they thought that finally, they were able to give more help to others and turn the website into something more useful. With this mission on their minds, they only planned to continue doing what they’ve been doing from the start- support designers and artists from all over the world, give them opportunities to show their talents and to help people be inspired too.