Hello, I am new to your website and I just want to ask if everyone is obliged to make their own account before using the website or not. I hope you can answer me, thanks.

Hi, thank you so much for visiting our website and sending us your message. No, not everyone is obliged to make an account since it’s not necessary for other users as well. If you’re just going to look for other people’s creations and find inspiration, it is fine if you don’t create an account. However, if you are going to share with us your works, you need to create your own profile so anyone who can see your work will know who the creator is. It is also required since we cannot let anonymous people post without their information.

How do I know people won’t steal my designs if I share it here?

We let people agree to our terms and policies just like any other website and if others tend to copy your own work, they may be sued or charged since it is definitely against the policies we have. If anyone happens to find someone’s work got copied, they can take action and tell us or the original creator so we can do something about it.

Is it possible to repost someone’s works on other websites or pages without considering it as stealing or copying?

Yes, it is possible to repost their creations, but only if the original creator agrees. Permission should be asked and credits are required, as well as not cropping or deleting the watermarks on the photos.

Can I post on the forum as well even if I have no account?

Yes, anyone is free to post on the forum and join discussions even if they are not using any accounts.