Jack K.

Hi, I just want to say that I’m really thankful for this website because it gave me the opportunity to share my own works to other people. I really love photography and designing shirts so filling up my portfolio on this website was really great. It was really good to know that many people loved my creativity and artistry. I’m more than glad to know that anyone can be supported even if you don’t know one another. There are new people here that I met and became friends with and that’s one thing I’m more thankful for. This website gave me so many opportunity and new experiences so I enjoy being here with others.

Justin S.

Hello, Jack. It was so interesting to know you are interested in photography as well because I love that too. I guess many people love photography nowadays and I was very happy to meet so many people here on this website that shares the same interest with me. However, I’m more into graphic designing and I also know a lot of people who love graphic arts too. By the way, it was so nice knowing you! I’m glad you are having fun on Amirali Ghasemi just like me.

Thea L.

Hello, Jack! I’ve seen your works here on Amirali Ghesami and I was very interested in everything you post. Your photography is very unique and every piece is so beautiful. It made me inspired and I was glad I was able to discover them! I want to thank you as well for the works you share because they really motivated me to improve my own works. I love those graphic design tees wherein you also include your own photographs. They are well-made and very appealing to see. I heard that you sell those tees so I am very interested in buying!